May I propose a toast?

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Cheers!  and mille grazie to the amazing team creating this transformation!

To the team at FloSites, for such a beautiful website and blog- Love the new look and feel!

To Bailey, the amazing calligrapher behind the new logo!

To the incredibly force of nature that is Making Brands Happen: Lara Casey & Emily Ley.  Both of these (gorgeous inside and out) women ask exactly the right questions to incite the truest answers.

Superbly talented, creative and kind Emily Ley was amazing at the listening and creating visual representations of those heartfelt answers. Her visual representation of my new brand had me both teary and speachless from the first glimpse.

Lara Casey- where do I even begin- from the notes and emails of encouragement along the way, to the precise and insightful baby steps- Lara truly brings out the best in everyone around her.  I was daunted at the idea of a ground up overhaul, any yet knew instinctively that she’d be exactly the right person to shepherd me along the way.  Courageous, insightful, inspiring, exciting- AMAZING- I can’t figure out when she ever sleeps, but I am so grateful for all that she gave with her heart and soul in this process.

Thank you SO much to such a dream team- and Cheers to new beginnings!

All my love,


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